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Role Models

Sun Sep 28, 2014, 1:38 PM
  • Mood: Frustrated
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People who watch me will know this is not my usual thing to write about but I feel I have to have a rant right now because last night while bored I was trawling the internet on Yahoo Answers and found a bunch of questions from people who 1) thought that Harry Potter ripped off Twilight and 2) Thought that Bella Swan of Twilight was a better role model than Harry Potter's Hermione Granger. Seriously I nearly screamed.
Now I have read all 7 Potter books and loved them but I'm sorry to say I've read the Twilight books and seen the movies too, they are essentially brain fudge as I call them (I therefore can comment) and it worries me that many young girls think that Bella Swan is a good role model. Lets recap what Bella Swan tries to teach young girls, for a start she tries to teach them that they are nothing unless they have a super hot boyfriend (I don't by any means think that Edward Cullen is good looking, and incidentally I think he looks like he's been hit in the face by a shovel) In the second book Edward dumps Bella to 'protect her from himself' this is because he can't stand the smell of her blood which by all accounts smells very nice, so Edward wants her for diner not a girl friend because lets face it, she has nothing else going for her, she doesn't have a personality and she's a one dimensional character. If we look at what Bella sees in Edward again he doesn't have much going for him, he too does not have personality and has only his looks which according to Bella are 'devastating' so we have a teenage girl trying to teach other teenage girls that its ok to be in a relationship that is based purely on lust, which their relationship is. Now when Edward dumps Bella she falls into a near catatonic state, I realise its never a nice thing to be dumped (I have been there at that age) but normal girls mope for a few days, eat some chocolate watch a few movies and then get on with their lives but Bella not only stays curled up on the forest floor prompting everyone who cares about her to worry but she then mopes for over six months! Letting everyone who cares about her worry about her emotional state. When she finally does 'recover' I use the term loosely because she then turns to thrill seeking because she thinks she can hear Edwards voice telling her stop, she even jumps on the back of a motor bike with a stranger and jumps off a cliff! This is not okay! This is not the type of character girls should have a role model! Bella Swan is not a strong young woman, granted she chooses to keep her baby and go through with the pregnancy but it costs her her life and everything that is important and she knows this, again she lets everyone who cares about her worry and puts them through hell. She is also selfish because she pushes her family and friends away in favour of becoming a vampire with Edward and on more than one occasion she begs Edward for sex, I can't understand why Stephanie Meyer's characters are young girls who fancy older men and literally beg them for sex all the time, again THIS IS NOT OKAY!
It also annoys me how Bella has everything handed to her on a god damned fucking silver platter, Edward buys her a car, she doesn't have to pay for her wedding everything is a freebie, she's doesn't have to pay for her honey moon and she is given a lovely house so she and Edward can be one big happy family. I mean what is this teaching young girls? That if they bag a rich hunk they will get everything they dreamed of and not have to work a day in their lives? If anything their lives would probably be a misery. This is not what real life is like kids.
If you want real role models read Harry Potter ,which was published first, so JK did not rip of Meyer, if any ripping off was done then it was done by Meyer. Here are few of Rowlings strong women who incidentally have personalities and different levels to them.

1) Hermione Granger, she's hard working and clever, she may admit to fancying Ron at one point but she gets on with her life, she works hard and plays hard, she stands by her friends and fights for them and with them. Plus you can relate to her and she can be believed in as a character.

2) Ginny Weasley, she may get dumped by Harry so she won't be any danger but does she mope around? NO! She joins Dumbledore's Army and she fights back! She understands that Harry has to go off and do his thing to save the wizarding world but she doesn't hinder him.

3) Molly Weasley, takes on Bellatrix Lestrange single handed and wins, enough said.

4) Nymphadora Tonks, fights for her family and ultimately sacrifices her own life so her son can live in a better world.

And it's not just Harry Potter who has strong women, try Lord of the Rings.

5) Eowyn, fights for those she loves, she knows how to wield a blade and even though she falls in love Aragorn and is rejected by him she still disguises herself as a man so she can fight on the Pellinor Fields, she kicks serious Orc ass!

I could go on and on, I realise I am probably a few years too late with this but it's been bugging me for a while, I talk to alot of the younger volunteers at work and hear about how they think Bella, Edward and Jacob are great characters and as Peter Griffin would say, it grids my gears!

Okay, rant over! Bye for now! :D



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